5 Tips To Starting a Credit Restoration Company

Credit repair has become a necessity in today’s world. People who have been skating along with scores under 700 are getting a rude awakening that today’s economy requires much more in a credit score in order to get the best rates possible. Many people are unable to handle repairing their credit on their own. They … Read more

The Commercial Lending Market Environment in 2015: California and Comparison to Key Cities

In March 2015, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) randomly surveyed 49,485 realtors asking them about the housing market conditions in their particular state during that past year. 791 individuals – 1.61 percent – responded. As realtor who works in California, I found it informative to work through the different reports, categorize them according to … Read more

Taxes Are Driving Americans Away

I have a friend who likes to travel. She brings me back adorable little trinkets. On my desk, I have a ceramic elephant from Thailand, a fluffy Scottish sheep and a rabbit made of soft Peruvian alpaca wool watching me as I work. She says that she just likes to see the world, experience new … Read more

How to Check Your Credit For Free

Many of us never bothering checking our credit. Why? Because we feel like we’ve gone through a few rough patches; maybe defaulted on a loan, have a past eviction, or even stolen a few items from a rent-to-own business and the credit world has flagged us for life. This is why leaning how to check … Read more

Bad Credit Auto Loans – Get to Know the Benefits

Car shoppers with a tainted credit report or inadequate finance can opt for refinancing companies. This will help them manage the payments associated with bad credit auto loans. When you pay the borrowed amount on a regular basis, it lessens the amount every month. However, getting the best loan option is not as simple as … Read more

Are State Debt Collection Laws Outdated?

A recent class action suit resulted in a large number of debt collectors paying a combined settlement of $59 million to the people of New York that were impacted by illegal debt collection practices. These tactics included freezing bank accounts and garnishing wages without the legal consent or right to do so. While this particular … Read more

Is Bankruptcy The Best Option For You?

Thousands of households find themselves drowning in debt each and every day. Deciding how to manage your debt, get the creditors to stop calling and reduce the stress you experience is a big decision. There are a number of debt solutions, but with the right bankruptcy advice, you may find this is the best option … Read more

How To Become An Efficient Debt Collector

Debt collectors are much sought after by many different kinds of businesses. You can become a debt collector and you can operate from office or from home. The most important incentives for a money collection business owner is finding debtors and obtaining customers. Here are a few tips to become an efficient debt collector. Experience … Read more