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Don’t Let Debt Prevent Personal Growth

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Every situation holds a chance to learn something and that includes your debt. If you have been struggling to get out of it, you need to understand that you can use that as fuel for your personal growth.

It may be hard to focus on anything right now – especially when you are drowning in self-pity and you are disappointed in how you managed your finances. While the cliche’ “everyone makes a mistake” can be irritating to a disappointed person, you need to realize that you have the chance to turn around you life despite your debt. You have the opportunity to develop something that will contribute to your personal growth.

During the recession, we were faced with the reality that although money is very important, it should not be the focal source of our happiness. Statistics showed that suicides increased as the economy went down. This is a pattern observed every time the economy went bad. This particular statistic proves just how much we associate personal fulfillment with our money. Some people think that losing this throws out everything that make life worth living.

Although most of us believe that money brings in happiness, we should start detaching ourselves from our deep reliance on material things. Sadly, this is something that we will find very difficult to achieve.

So with that lengthy introduction, here is what this article would like to drive at: even as you try to get out of debt, make sure that your driving force is aimed at personal growth. Do not focus on the monetary aspect but look into the lessons that you need to learn. When you make this your priority, you will realize that your goal shifts from wanting to be debt free to staying out of debt. Paying off your debt will now be a result of this new desire.

Let us point out the difference. When you concentrate on paying your debts, you only want to have a zero balance. That could include not wanting to acquire more debts while you are doing that. But what happens after you have paid off your debts? Could you keep that habit or will you go back to your ways?

With a stay-out-of-debt frame of mind, you keep that commitment long after you have finished paying off that debt. As you intend to use your debt relief efforts to achieve personal growth, you identify healthy habits that you need to develop and practice. These habits will end up helping you stay out of debt.

Bottom line is, if you are faced with debt troubles, make sure you use that positively. It may be disappointing but try not to concentrate on that feeling. As soon as you decide to do something about your debts, things will get better from then on. Learn from your mistakes and find the best solution that will not only solve the problem, but will also make you stay away from that problem.

While money allows us to get things and experience situations that make us happy, remember that the happiness from fulfillment is also something else. Having achieved something will satisfy that deep-seated need within us. Having a lot of money does not really satisfy that need – it is the feeling that you were able to provide that amount – that is what really makes us happy. Once you rid yourself of your debts with the right attitude, you will find your personal growth getting more out of the experience.